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    Publish time 2023-03-13 17:58    

DITRON LED D60 Digital Readout

D60 DRO is widely used on the machine tools such as milling machine ,lathes.electric discharge machins ,grinding machines.etc


Technical Parameters :

  • Voltage Range:AC80V-260V/50HZ-60HZ

  • Power Dissipation:15W

  • Coordinate Display:2/3 Axis

  • Input Signal:5VTTL/RS422

  • Input Frequency:≤4MHZ

  • Resolution:0.1um,0.2um,1um,2um,2.5um,5um,10um

Feature :

  • Displaying as 8 digits with green LED.

  • Aluminum casing,industrial quality.

  • Unique film makes covering on the Windows makes the displaying much more recognizable.

  • High integration makes the performance be stable.

  • Switching on& switching off can meet more than 100000 times.

  • Adopting the advanced digital filtering makes the counting be more accurate and stable.